CoolSPICE is a full-featured circuit simulation program.

The SPICE engine of CoolSPICE is based on standard SPICE and on the BSIM equation set for transistor simulations. However, the CoolSPICE engine incorporates modifications which allow for more accurate simulation in extreme and edge cases that SPICE and BSIM have historically have not handled accurately: Extreme low and high temperatures, high power devices, and the idiosyncratic structure- and material-properties of silicon carbide devices.

The CoolSPICE suite includes tools for schematic drawing and capture, a netlist editor for describing circuits manually, and a plotter. Many standard silicon MOSFET and other device models are included. The users can introduce their own models and define subcircuits. With keyboard shortcuts and numerous toolbar buttons, CoolSPICE has a convenient and intuitive interface and is easy to incorporate into the design workflow.

Our SPICE suite includes a schematics editor with GUI, plotter, text editor and our SPICE engine.

Click on the link here to learn more and download the student version of CoolSpice.