Electronics design and prototyping

Design and prototyping

CoolCAD offers a complete electronics design and prototyping capability for customer specific needs. We can design, build, prototype and test all levels of electronic products and assist you in turning your ideas into real products. We have experience in managing electronic product development for small and large systems. We can design and develop analog and digital electronic systems, design PCBs, carry out CAD design of the prototypes and also provide 3D printed prototypes. We can also assist you in commercialization of your devices by providing cost analysis and optimization of your design. We can also provide schematic capture and PCB design services to our customers.

Embedded systems design and development

We also provide services in embedded systems design, firmware development, debug and testing. We have experience with a variety of embedded systems including but not limited to Microchip, TI and ATMEL micro-controllers. We can also develop solutions for USB, Bluetooth and Zigbee communications as per the customer’s need. Some of our recent projects in electronics design and prototyping are listed here.

Infant algometer design and development

The Infant Algometer is a diagnostic tool for objective pain measurement. The first version of this prototype instrument was developed through support from the Children’s National Medical Center. The device incorporates a low-noise near-infrared spectrometer to extract ultra-low-level cerebral dynamic blood oxygenation coupled to a neurostimulator for frequency and amplitude controlled stimulation of specific nerve fibers in the human body. We built the hardware for a four-channel Algometer system, and developed the complete firmware for the embedded system. Graphical user interface software was developed for the medical professionals to interact easily with the Algometer, to evaluate the patient’s response to specific stimuli and record their cerebral oximetry data in real-time. The instrument is currently undergoing pre-clinical trials at the Children’s National Medical Center.

ECOSENSE home energy monitoring sensor network

We are designing a residential sensor network system that will be very easy to install and operate. Sensor nodes will simply be placed in appropriate locations throughout the residence and automatically start taking data and reporting it to a central node through a secure Zigbee based ad-hoc wireless network. The system senses the key items for energy use including temperature, ambient light, humidity, water usage, electrical usage, air flow and gas usage.

Silicon carbide power electronics design

CoolCAD is currently working with the US Army Research Laboratory and the University of Maryland in developing power electronics systems using Silicon Carbide wide bandgap power semiconductor devices. These power electronics systems include medium power level-2 battery chargers for HEVs and EVs. In addition, we have built medium power DC-DC converters using Silicon Carbide power MOSFETs.

Digital health and wellness sensor suite

We are currently working on developing a line of wearable, non-invasive, easy to use and wireless personal health and wellness devices. Our first device will be an ultra-low profile pulse oximeter for continuous use and monitoring of heart rate and oxygenation in individuals. The pulse oximeter will be the size of a wrist band and be capable of monitoring and recording the heart rate, skin temperature and blood oxygenation over a complete 24 hour day. The device will communicate with the user’s smartphone through a Bluetooth Low Energy communication link. The product is currently in the development stage with a planned beta-prototype launch.