Non-mainstream electronics design

CoolCAD Electronics, LLC, is a CAD and custom electronics design firm in College Park, MD. We carry out R&D projects on a wide cross-section of electronics: Semiconductor device modeling and design, integrated circuit modeling and design, and printed circuit board or full electronic system modeling and design.

We have current and past projects on:

  • Silicon Carbide high-power device modeling and simulation
  • High-power circuit design, modeling and implementation
  • Silicon Carbide high-sensitivity UV sensor design and fabrication
  • Silicon Carbide low-power integrated circuit design and fabrication
  • Germanium high-sensitivity IR sensor design and fabrication
  • Coupled electro-thermal simulation tool development: CoolSPICE (generic), CoolSPICE-PS (focus on high power devices and circuits), CoolSPICE-Cryo (focus on extreme cold temperature simulation)
  • Evaluation of electronic device and systems for radiation-hardness; design of radiation-hardened devices
  • Energy-harvesting by infrared rectifying antennas
  • Design, development and implementation of various consumer-facing electronic systems, such as an algometer and energy monitoring tools.

Unique expertise

The CoolCAD Electronics team possesses a unique combination of deep expertise in a broad range of areas. Our in-house experience ranges from semiconductor device physics and fabrication process design, integrated and board-level circuit development and implementation, commercialization processes and product development according to market and client needs. As part of the Technology Acceleration Program of the University of Maryland, College Park, and located very close to the campus, CoolCAD is able to attract talent and expertise in an even wider variety of areas for a just-in-time operation strategy. Furthermore, CoolCAD is in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, with easy access to various government laboratories with which we have pre-existing relationships, as well as other universities of the region.