• rectenna-1

    Rectenna Based Infrared Energy Harvester

    Infrared rectennas for long wave infrared imaging and energy harvesting.

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  • algo-1

    Infant Algometer

    A non-invasive diagnostic pain-meter for infants developed in collaboration with Children's National Medical Center.

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  • sic-2

    Silicon Carbide Electronics

    SiC-based power electronics and an accompanying virtual design platform.

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  • cryo-probe-1

    Cryogenic Temperature Electronics

    CAD tools, models, and methodologies for circuit operation in extreme environments with a focus on very low temperatures and radiation.

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Non-mainstream electronics design

CoolCAD Electronics, LLC is a CAD and custom electronics design firm that specializes in satisfying non-mainstream electronic design applications. Our expertise ranges from nanostructure and device modeling, design and analysis, to integrated circuit design and layout, and all the way to printed circuit board level electronics development. More specifically  our thrust  is concentrated on three areas, listed under services: 1) Semiconductor fabrication and characterization, 2) electronics design and prototyping, and 3) Circuit modeling and simulation.

Unique expertise

Our unique broad and deep expertise is derived from the capabilities of the CoolCAD Electronics technical team, our just-in-time operation strategy, as well as our unique ability to attract talent and expertise in a wide variety of technical and non-technical areas from the University of Maryland. CoolCAD is located close to the Washington DC metro area with easy access to various government laboratories and several universities. In addition, CoolCAD is part of the Technology Accelerator Program (TAP) of the University of Maryland, College Park.

Diverse applications

Our fields of interest include SPICE and TCAD modeling, Cryogenic & Radiation Hard Electronics, Silicon Carbide Power Electronics, and custom electronics hardware.

CoolCAD has won several contracts from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on extreme environment electronics as well as development of electronics for measuring light emission.

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