CoolCAD’s pioneering research into the wide bandgap semiconductor material SiC has led to the development of a variety of novel and state-of-the-art products. These include high power SiC MOSFETs and Diodes for next generation power electronics. These devices are especially applicable to hybrid and electric vehicles, charging stations, as well as solar energy systems. We also design, develop and manufacture optical sensors that operate in the deep UV range. These deep UV avalanche photodiodes and arrays have revolutionized flame detection and biohazard elimination, including viruses and harmful bacteria. Our high temperature CMOS electronics is enabling the construction of analog and digital integrated circuits, and even microprocessors, that can operate at temperatures higher than 400oC and even 500oC, way beyond the capabilities of ordinary electronics.


The CoolSPICE package is a sophisticated circuit simulation tool for the design of electronics circuits and devices. An especially unique aspect of CoolSPICE is that it performs electrical and thermal co-design, giving the current, voltage and temperature at each node or branch of the circuit. CoolSPICE also has unique models for the newest SiC and GaN devices. CoolSPICE also contains a TCAD tool which enables devices design based on doping profiles, internal structures and material characteristics. The package includes a schematic editor with GUI, a plotter, and a text editor for manually editing netlists. CoolSPICE uses the open-source software package ngspice.


CoolCAD provides unique testing and analysis services for devices and circuits for operation in extreme environments. This includes services for testing of radiation effects as well as operation of devices at cryogenic temperatures as well as the analysis of their operation and potential failure in these extreme environments. We also provide services for the design and fabrication of devices and integrated circuits, those composed of SiC.