CoolSPICE Simulation Software

CoolSPICE is a sophisticated circuit simulation tool for the design of electronic circuits and devices. It performs electrical and thermal modeling that not only helps engineers predict current and voltage at each node or branch of the circuit, but also predicts self-heating and its effect on circuit performance.

In addition to standard applications such as CMOS design, CoolSPICE has modeling capabilities for the newest SiC and GaN devices and includes a TCAD tool which enables modeling of devices based on doping profiles, internal structures and material characteristics.

CoolSPICE includes a schematic editor with GUI, a plotter, and a text editor for manually editing netlists. CoolSPICE uses the open-source software package ngspice.

CoolSPICE is available in a Student / Evaluation Version for FREE.

Unlike other free SPICE versions, our CoolSPICE Evaluation Version does not have a limit on the number of transistors allowed.

To obtain your free Student/Evaluation version click on the Download button below. You will be redirected to the download request form.