Integrated Thermo-Electrical Simulation

Currently we are extending CoolSPICE to integrate thermal and electrical simulations into a self-consistent thermo-electrical simulator.

The electrical performance of semiconductor devices is significantly dependent on their operating temperatures. At the same time, the power consumption of each device and the physical arrangement of devices, packaging and heat sinks within the system determines the operating temperature of each device. We plan to model this feedback loop using a self-consistent simulation system, where the electrical and thermal models of a system are simulated alternately, the results of each simulation refining the input conditions of the other until convergence is reached.

Since thermal management is critical in the design of high power systems, the ability to do joint electro-thermal simulation is a great advantage in terms of rapid-turnaround design.

For electrical simulations, we are building a library of model cards for specialized SiC power devices for use with the modified SPICE engine of CoolSPICE. Similarly, we are building a library of the thermal characteristics of devices in different packaging and of different components such as common heat sinks in order to generate and simulate an equivalent thermal circuit self-consistently with a corresponding electrical circuit.

We are working towards the implementation of models which will take into account various boundary conditions, enclosures, convection and radiation etc.