SiC Sensors:

Solar blind sensors based on silicon carbide offer high detectivity approaching that of photomultiplier tubes in the UV range. Additionally, silicon carbide photodiodes offer high sensitivity, low dark current / noise, and possible high temperature operation. However, silicon carbide is in its nascent stage of maturity, and needs further research and development for the full utilization of its benefits over other deep UV sensors. For instance, compared to UV enhanced silicon chips, silicon carbide offers higher sensitivity / responsivity. This would facilitate imaging of faint deep UV sources or photons with low power densities. And compared to photomultiplier tubes, silicon carbide offers lower voltage operation, as well as weight and real estate benefits.

CoolCAD designs and fabricates SiC sensors that can be used in the following application areas, which demand high fidelity wide-range UV sensors:

Biological Sciences and the Health Sector:

  • Pathogen detection
  • Food inspection
  • Water treatment

Science and Instrumentation:

  • UV measurement systems (UVA, UVB, UVC, UV spectroscopy)
  • UV exposure measurement (e.g. erythema)
  • Solar-blind EUV Detectors for monitoring atmospheric ozone and air pollution
  • Solar flare monitoring

Manufacturing, Military and Industrial:

  • Metal crack detection
  • Flame detection in jet engines
  • Non-line-of-sight UV communications

Additionally CoolCAD sensors can be used as particle detectors, soft x-ray and radiation detectors.

SiC Integrated Circuits:

CoolCAD also designs and fabricates SiC low power circuit elements that can be employed in the design and fabrication of harsh environment ICs.